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Activities Program

Activities Program
Activities Program

A MI MANERA Adult Daycare offers and specialized program of daily activities designed to stimulate and improve the comprehensive wellbeing of older adults.

We serve adults with physical, social and emotional needs.


  • Greater autonomy for older adults

  • Allows older adults to enjoy a full life

  • Positive attitude regarding changes due to aging in older adults

  • Adaptation capacity in your new stage of life

  • Improvement in the quality of life of older adults and their relatives

  • Helps slow down the physical and mental deterioration that comes with aging

Online Activities Program

Rescue Mission

In March 2020, all care and entertainment centers for older adults were closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We received a great amount of calls from our participants and their relatives requesting help and information. We were worried for the emotional health of the older adults that attended to our center, and we came up with the idea of creating the first online care and attention program. We executed a “rescue mission”.


We delivered a kit to all of our participants. The kit contained a tablet with internet connection included to connect us daily through the Zoom app.

Online Activities

We managed to provide therapeutic and social activities related to health, as well as continue to promote social connections and offering help and support to all of our participants who had made A MI MANERA a second home, in a safe manner.

Currently, we are still offering this service exclusively for the participants when they can’t go to the center in person.