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Cognitive Stimulation Activities in Miami


Group dynamics and cognitive stimulation activities have the purpose of slowing down the cognitive deterioration appears as consequences of aging or neurodegenerative diseases.

Cognitive stimulation through activities and exercises promotes mental health and emotional and physical independence in older adults.

They feel accompanied by other people their age who are going through the aging process or have a degenerative disease.

It’s important to choose properly the content for the type of person we’re trying to help. The objective is for the older adult to do a variety of everyday activities to generate a habit, and stimulating their mind by memorizing proverbs, ordering phrases, visual challenges, letter soups, finding words, which are some of the activities that we do in our model program.

Artistic Activities

These activities have a very important place in our activities program, because it favors the development of positive self-esteem in older adults, it helps them release stress, as well as delaying the start of motor issues, such as trembles, rigidity or slowed movements.
Here they draw, do crafts, restorations, sewing and embroidery.


Painting and
Arts and Crafts

Our Zentangle workshop is one of our participants’ favorite activities. Zentangle comes from the word “zen” that means meditation and “tangle”: scribble.

It’s an activity that’s easy to learn and it’s very relaxing, it is a fun way to create images using different patterns that repeat themselves.  This practice helps those who do it focus attention, wake up creativity and reach calmness.

Sensorial Activities

Sensorial activities are designed to work with the senses. Among these activities stand out listening and recognizing melodies, sounds, musical instruments, voices, to improve hearing capabilities. We have activities for the recognition of objects and surfaces. We stimulate visual capabilities with the use of images, lights and colors. Aromatherapy is part of the environment of our center; this way we help you have a pleasant experience. Likewise, we help with the recovery of the sense of taste.


Music Therapy

We have musical shows with guest artists and celebrities.

La Bohemia is a weekly space that every participant of A MI MANERA expect anxiously. This is presented by the singer and musical producer, Myrlen Sorrell, who incentives them to dance, move their arms and shoulders, sing and record songs and melodies known by them. It’s a moment in which they can share feelings and experiences, in which they show the power and influence of music over emotions, and how it contributes to the comprehensive wellbeing of older adults.


Mental Stimulation Games

Board games help adults socialize. Participating in games with other people promotes friendship and sense of belonging. All of these activities improve the cognitive capacities of the participants.